I published a lengthy piece on product placement in the latest Bond movie a couple of months ago in the blog post Product placement in pictures: Skyfall.

At that time I could only use pictures that I took from the official trailers. I have now added some more examples of product placement from the movie.

After watching Skyfall for the second time (albeit on fast forward) I still believe that product placement was nicely done and media reports of excessive brand integration were off the mark.

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  1. I think saying that Daniel Craig’s films are vastly superior to Moore, Dalton, and Brosnon’s is a bit much. It was their films that kept the series alive for 40 years. I like the new films but not any more than Connery’s or Moore’s early ones. Also it was Pierce Brosnon that revived the series in the first place after the Timmothy Dalton lull. Some of the late 70’s and 1980’s films were a little outlandish but not bad for a series of 23 films that have used the same basic plot for 50 years (Bond investigates mysterious super vilian, gets captured by said vilian, escapes, kills vilian in close combat.