A few days ago I published blog post Product placement in pictures: 21 Jump Street where I showed some of the most notable examples of product placement from

the movie. I’ve also published another blog post related to the movie Can this elephant T-shirt become a cult item? I found out that one Urban Outfitters’ T-shirt (Nerdy Elephant Tee) appeared in 21 Jump Street and also in one of the episodes of popular TV show Modern Family.

Recently I’ve watched American Reunion, the latest (and hopefully last) installment of the American Pie series. In the first minutes of the movie I’ve spotted Alyson Hannigan wearing a T-shirt with a familiar illustration and the sign “Never throw your wallet out the car window”.

Anthony Eng’s T-shirt in American Reunion (2012, Universal Pictures, screen capture)

I first saw that T-shirt in the aforementioned 21 Jump Street, worn by Channing Tatum.

Anthony Eng’s T-shirt in 21 Jump Street (2012, Columbia Pictures, screen capture)

This is Anthony Eng’s T-shirt that used to be sold on Barney’s for $59, but is now sold out.

Since it’s the second time that I’ve spotted same T-shirts in different movies or TV shows, I’m wondering how’s that even possible.

I’ve checked costume designers for both movies and people from the Costume and Wardrobe Department. It turned out that not even one name appeared in both movies.

So, how come that one T-shirt appeared in two movies that hit cinemas in the period of one month?


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