One of the recurring motifs in the James Bond movies are the so-called Bond girls. According to Wikipedia there is a point in every Bond movie when James Bond meets the principal Bond girl, a character portraying Bond’s love interest or one of his main sex objects.

Roald Dahl, a screenwriter of You Only Live Twice, said he was given a formula to work to for the film:

“You put in three girls … Girl number one is pro-Bond. She stays around roughly through the first reel of the picture. Then the enemy bumps her off, preferably in Bond’s arms. Girl number two is anti-Bond and usually captures him, and he has to save himself by knocking her out with his sexual charm and power. She gets killed in an original (usually grisly) fashion mid-way through the film. Girl number three will survive and end the film in Bond’s embrace.”

Another important aspect of Bond girls are their names, which are highly suggestive and improperly sexual, while some of them are plainly bizarre. For example, we had Bond girls with names such as Pussy Galore, Honey Rider, Xenia Onatopp, Holly Goodhead, Christmas Jones, Strawberry Fields, … and so on.

I hope producers and writers will continue the trend of giving female characters proper names. Spectre was a good example: two lead female characters were Dr. Madeleine Swann and Lucia Sciarra.

Recently I stumbled upon an interesting infographic that shows illustrations of the most famous Bond girls outfits. It was designed in London London-based marketing agency Big Group.

Before you check The Most Iconic Bond Girl Outfits infographic, I’ve assembled captions of those outfits from various Bond movies.

Below is the aforementioned infographic The Most Iconic Bond Girl Outfits.

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