There have been many a movie and television scenes of the poker table and cards being dealt, winners being made, and others losing the shirts off their own backs. Poker playing in the movies and on the television has been a popular theme throughout the ages and continues to be so today. This article looks at the most popular films and TV shows that have had the game of poker at their core and briefly discusses how each of these portrayed the beautiful card game.

Casino Royale

In the original Casino Royale, Bond plays Baccarat as he does in Dr. No and a few other older Bond movies. But poker has become all the rage, and as such popular culture must keep up, and hence James Bond playing poker in the recent Casino Royale. It’s a change that many a movie buff has noted, and the movie is seen as a salute to the rise of poker and online poker at that. Specifically, it is Texas Hold ’em poker that he plays in the movie.

Poker scene from Casino Royale (2006, MGM and Columbia Pictures, screen capture)

Molly’s Game

Molly Bloom was an ex Olympic-rated skier who ran the most successful poker game for Hollywood celebrities, business tycoons, and the Russian mob. The movie that was then made of this story is a great example of the rush provided by the humble poker game. This movie is also a clear warning shot to those who play the game, and the risks of overplaying, poor bankroll management, and poor game choices are all highlighted and discussed in the movie. Yes, the poker playing is glamorised, but it’s the real-life stories around the poker that are more important than this movie. It’s a real-life story.

Poker game from Molly’s Game

Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is a computer game that has had a number of movies developed from it and wherein there is a fair amount of poker played. Poker is one of the main themes of both the game and the movies, and both can now be played with bitcoin at places like It is an interesting yet totally appropriate movie to include as it exists precisely at the intersection of both the game and the movie.

The King of Queens

Doug has an ongoing poker evening that is simply an excuse for overeating his favorite snacks. However, it is still portrayed as a great pastime and an interesting way to spend some time with friends. This is the main take from sitcoms like this, where poker is all about the fun that you can have with family and friends.

The King of Queens” Gambling N’ Diction (2006)

Poker is very much part of popular culture and has been an ongoing activity included and shown in a great number of films and television programs. One has to keep in mind the age of the respective movies and from playing poker in a smokey Western saloon to the glitz and glamour of poker in Vegas, as portrayed in Oceans 11 or Casino Royale. It’s a game that has developed and changed while staying the same, now played online and with cryptocurrency. In the realm of poker-themed entertainment, enthusiasts can now explore the exhilarating world of bitcoin slots sites, offering unique gaming experiences with the convenience of cryptocurrency transactions.

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