On Monday, May 23rd, the first trailer for the new film of the Mission: Impossible franchise arrived. Dead Reckoning is going to be the seventh and penultimate instalment of the Mission: Impossible film series. The movie is scheduled for release in the United States on July 14, 2023 by Paramount Pictures.

There’s going to be more than a year before the movie actually comes out. In the meantime, you can watch all other instalments of Mission: Impossible, listen to movie soundtracks, play some old video games, other online games or slots, or maybe check a SlotsJudge’s online fruit machine game. SlotsJudge is the first interactive online slots guide in the history of gambling. With the information and interesting articles you can not only have a good time, but to read a lot of interesting things about slots.

There has been a lot of controversy while filming the movie. The filming should start in the beginning of 2020, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic the filming was postponed. In December 2020, during filming in London, an audio recording of Tom Cruise shouting at two production crew members for not following the Covid-19 rules on set was released online.

Soon, another controversy filled the media: the 1908 railway bridge over Lake Pilchowickie in southern Poland, a would-be filming location for a train wreck, sparked a nation outrage in Poland and elsewhere, because filmmakers wanted to destroy the old bridge while filming the impressive sequence. In July 2020, history and railway enthusiasts, scientists and filmmakers protested, along with the regional Monuments Heritage Office, members of Polish parliament, and The International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage. Eventually, cultural property registration procedures for the Lake Pilchowickie bridge were finalized, effectively preventing it from any damage.

Nevertheless, the trailer looks impressive and we can even see a few brands and famous locations.

Rome and Venice

Both cities are well known and could be seen in several shots. We can expect that both we’ll have a lot of screen time.

Venice from Mission: Impossible 7
Venice from Mission: Impossible 7
Venice from Mission: Impossible 7

Venice from Mission: Impossible 7

Rome in Mission: Impossible 7


Tom Cruise and Hayley Atwell jumped behind the wheel of a yellow Fiat 500 as they filmed a dramatic pursuit in Rome.

Fiat 500 in Mission: Impossible 7

Fiat 500 in Mission: Impossible 7


Some currently unnamed sunglasses could be seen on Ethan Hunt face during the trailer. We’ll keep you posted for future updates.

Sunglasses from Mission: Impossible 7

You can also read more about product placement in other Mission: Impossible movies.

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