American sit-com New Girl is now in its fourth season and even though its ratings are not as good as they were in the first season, the show still delivers some hilarious moments. In the first seasons the main strength of the show was ‘adorkable’ Zooey Descanhel, but as the show progressed it has finally embraced its status as the new “Friends”.

I’ve written several pieces about Zooey, her glasses and the clothes she was wearing. The season 3 finale was exceptional about that: Zooey was wearing several pieces from the collection “To Tommy From Zooey” that she and Tommy Hilfiger created. The whole episode ‘Cruise’ was a long presentation of that collection.

To Tommy From Zooey dress in New Girl (2014, Fox, screen capture)
To Tommy From Zooey dress in New Girl (2014, Fox, screen capture)

Fashion plays a big role in New Girl, from Zooey’s adorkable beginnings to Schmidt’s kimonos, Nick’s shirts … Recently I’ve noticed interesting tweets on my Twitter timeline about fashion from New Girl. Spylight has been tweeting what were characters wearing and also providing information where to get those pieces.

Jess' sweater from J.Crew (Source: Twitter)
New Girl fashion: Jess’ sweater from J.Crew (Source: Twitter)

What is Spylight? The description on company’s website says that Spylight lets you shop television shows and movies instantly. You can shop your favorite characters’ wardrobes by show, season, character, and more. You can also find exact matches or shop similar looks, all in one place.

Jane Steele, set relations director from Spylight gave some information about the company for Brands&Films.

How and when did you get an idea to start Spylight? How big is the team?

“Our CEO Casper Daugaard came up with the idea. He wanted to dress like his favorite television characters. After obsessing over the idea, he assembled a team of the most capable people he knew — and built a tech prototype of the platform. We now have the Spylight website and a soon to launch iOS app that uses audio sync technology to identify what products are on screen in real time. Fortunately, the Hollywood studios loved the technology and here we are! Our staff is now close to 30 people — over 80% of our staff are women.”

New Girl fashion: Nick's shirt from John Varvatos (Source: Twitter)
New Girl fashion: Nick’s shirt from John Varvatos (Source: Twitter)

How do you decide which movie or TV show will you cover?

“The studios direct a lot of what we do – along with our best judgement of popular demand, of course! We are super active on all of our social media platforms to stay up-to-date on what we should feature. Ultimately, we want to “Spylight” every major show and movie out there.” 

New Girl fashion: Schmidt's shirt from Life After Denim (Source: Twitter)
New Girl fashion: Schmidt’s shirt from Life After Denim (Source: Twitter)

How difficult is getting information about wardrobe from movies/TV shows and how do you do it?

“It’s a bit tricky, to be honest. Spylight works directly with the actors and costume designers to get exact information on what your favorite characters are wearing. For current seasons of shows, like New Girl and Glee, we send our fashion consultants on set to obtain this information. For past seasons of shows, we do extensive brand research and use our proprietary technology to find exact matches. We also provide similar matches for clothing we cannot identify so fans and the fashion savvy can still get the look.”

New Girl fashion: Jess' polka dot top by Tory Burch (Source: Twitter)
New Girl fashion: Jess’ polka dot top by Tory Burch (Source: Twitter)

Do you also include other products besides wardrobe?

“It’s in the works! Ultimately, Spylight will change the way that shopping works. We are in the process of going through the set items like furniture to add them to our database. We have started with hair and makeup products, but soon you expect to see tables, bedding, and lamps!”

New Girl fashion: Cece's floral dress (Source: Twitter)
New Girl fashion: Cece’s floral dress (Source: Twitter)

Which movie/TV show has the best costumes in your opinion?

“I may be biased because I run the New Girl account, but I have to go with New Girl. I have been working with the New Girl costume department since Season 2, so it has been a real treat to witness the creative decision-making process and the evolution of each character’s style. I believe our costume designer, Debra McGuire, along with her superstar team, have contributed to Jess’ transformation into a style icon because of her clothing on New Girl. When you think of Jess, you think of her quirky charm and her retro-inspired dresses. She is relatable and so is her clothing — which makes her outfits the best to shop!”

You can check fashion from New Girl at Spylight’s website or follow New Girl updates on Twitter.



JaneSteeleJane Steele is Set Relations Director at Spylight. Read more about Jane’ Spylight style.

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