In 1995 BMW made history with its deal with the producers of James Bond movies. It was a three-movie deal which gave BMW a chance to include its car models in GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World in Not Enough. They started with their latest roadster Z3, even though it was featured in the movie months before its release. Even though its presence was limited and none of Q’s gadgets were used, it was a huge success. It created such a buzz that a month after the movie opened, BMW had received 9,000 orders for Z3.

Fast-forward to 2011

A few days ago American hip-hop artist Pitbull released his latest music video for the song Rain Over Me, which includes guest performance by Marc Anthony. The beginning of the video looks like an ad for BMW Z4, but thankfully it turns into a proper music video with beautiful girls with snakes, dancing in the rain, occasional shot at a vodka bottle …

BMW replaced Z3 with Z4 back in 2002. When debuted it won Automobile Magazine “Design of the Year Award”, while the second-generation Z4 won the Red Dot Design Award in 2009. Z4 is basically an old car model. Why BMW chose to collaborate with Pitbull and put the car prominently in his latest video remains a mystery to me.

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