Brands & Films has been recently featured in a piece on product placement on ABC News and in a ‘5 things’ section on Slovenian blog Pepermint.

ABC News ran a story about a recent study from the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity in which the researchers found that during 2008 there were 35,000 product placements of food, beverage and restaurant brands. And they were mostly for unhealthy foods.

Article includes some examples of product placement, with some cases and comments from Brands & Films.

Here’s link to the article Starring ‘Insert Brand Name’: Product Placement’s Role in TV and Film —> Click ‘View all’

Brands & Films featured on ABC News

Brands & Films was also included in Slovenian blog Pepermint. Pepermint is a website about beautiful things – it’s about cute, interesting, different, playful, beautiful things and their creators. Here’s the link to the Google translated piece from the ‘5 things’ section (some parts are just hilarious): 5: ERIK RENKO

Brands & Films on Pepermint

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