Movie action can happen not only on building — our world is the whole movie set. You can combine the joy of traveling and the magic of movies you like and visit locations where your favorite films were made! We’ll tell you the treasure of every location. Let’s read!

Rocky — Philadelphia Museum of Art, USA

Maybe if you remember Rocky, Eye of the Tiger starts to sound in your head. Also, the moment when Rocky trains on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art pops up before your eyes. You can feel like Rocky and climb on Rocky steps. You can try to repeat his movements, too! The Rocky statue northeast of the steps will meet you. 

The Rocky statue

If you’re a fancier of both cinematography and art, you’ll double up your joy. After enjoying the magic of your favourite movie, you can visit this museum. It is full of paintings, drawings, photographs, and decorative arts. The Museum of Art organises online meetings and watches videos on YouTube. 

Ghostbusters — Hook & Ladder Company, USA

Let’s go to New York and remember the funny moments of Ghostbusters. You can feel the vibe of this movie by going to Hook and Ladder Company 8 that acted as a Firehouse. This building appears in video games and pleases gamers who love Ghostbusters. LEGO even came out with its set for children. They can build the ghostbusters’ headquarters from LEGO pieces.

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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade — Al-Khazneh, Jordan

If you translate Al-Khazneh from Arabic into English, you’ll get the Treasury. You might have seen this location in multiple Hollywood movies. But it got its fame for the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade film. In this movie, the Holy Grail was hidden in Al-Khazneh.

Al-Khazneh in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade

If you’re a gamer, you might have seen this location in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. This location attracts games and movie creators with its mystique and mazes. Engineers try to figure out the construction of caves, temples, and tombs because they are hand-hewn. 

Al-Khazneh is situated in Petra, where there is the second location which you have seen in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It’s a canyon on which Indiana Jones rode down. This city in the south of Jordan is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. People also know this location as Rose City because the caves in the city become rose when sunlight hits them. 

Harry Potter — Christ Church Cathedral, England

People aren’t allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts. But when it comes to Christ Church Cathedral, all things go in another way because this Cathedral is the place where Harry Potter films are made. This place is also known as Christ Church College, where you can meet friendly and vibrant students. Such a college is considered one of the most beautiful colleges in England. 

If you enter this educational establishment, you’ll have an opportunity to eat in the dining hall — the place where students of Hogwarts usually ate. 

This Cathedral College is situated in Oxford University. Therefore, visiting one of the sets of Harry Potter, you can see one of the best universities in the world which has been taking its first positions for a long time.  

Apart from the Harry Potter series vibe, you can enjoy the church music. You can listen to charming organ music and the cathedral choir. This choir usually sings in university term time. Also, you can listen to them at Christmas and Easter. Organ music and the choir’s songs calm you down. You can even fall asleep! 

Jurassic Park — Hanapepe Valley, Hawaii

Jurassic Park, directed by Steven Spielberg, helped us to imagine the world with dinosaurs and get surprised by their large sizes. This film was made in an unusual location — Hawaii. Many people associate this place with tropical freshness, carefree and appropriate music. Some gamers will remember Test Drive Unlimited on 360. But let’s turn into the time where dinosaurs were. 

You have seen a breathtaking waterfall in Jurassic Park. This thing comes in another appearance in Jurassic World, the film that people saw in 2015. After appearing in the Jurassic series, people called this waterfall ‘Jurassic Falls.’

Jurassic Falls

In addition, Hanapepe Valley and its waterfall isn’t the only place where the Jurassic series is made. You can also visit Oahu and Kauai and enjoy other Hawaii waterfalls. Also, you can get to Honolulu Zoo and see animals such as zebras and giraffes. Likewise, you’ll see intricately woven tree branches.

Visiting legendary movie sets inspires us to watch new masterpieces of cinematography and travel more. Explore new movie sets and become filled with new emotions and feelings!

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