When watching films that have student characters in them, you would probably think that the school life of those young individuals is easier and simpler than in real life. Well, you cannot compare those that you watch in films with how you deal with life as a student. Keep in mind that the students you see in films have scripts, and their actions are based on what the scenes require. They are not real. Their lives are created for cinematic purposes only. So, what are the differences often seen in films from real life when featuring students? There are a few, and these are very common in many films.

School Work Load

In real life, students will go through tons of schoolwork. Cramming is often a situation that they get into. Most of the time, they are given lots of paperwork like essays, reports, and research. For some students, writing can be easy, but for others, it is a difficult task. Therefore, they would resort to sites like https://collegeessaywriter.net/ where they can easily order the paperwork they need. Through paper-help sites like https://customtermpaperwriting.org/, students do not need to go through all the rush to finish their written projects.

In films, you will not see students rushing paperwork, projects, and assignments. It appears like they just go to class and do not have any schoolwork to do at home. Students in films do not have a loaded schedule for paperwork. You will seldom see the characters review for exams or do assignments. So, real-life students feel that the characters they are watching have little schoolwork to do the entire year. 

Deep and Thorough Review for Exams

Students in real life would spend hours reviewing and preparing for exams. They know the weight of exams on their grades, which is why they try so hard to review well. In case of too much paperwork to do before the exams, some would simply deal with sites like https://researchpaperhelper.org/. From student-help websites like this, they can get the paperwork they need on time while they focus on reviewing. 

Students in films, like the Italian movie named Notte prima degli essami (Night Before the Exams) from 2006, seldom show exam day and review moments. Most of the time, students that are seen in movies will just come to class only for a few minutes. Student life on the big screen is not as tedious as in actual life. 

Notte prima degli essami

Lack of Time for Personal Life

Students who prioritise their studies may lack time for a little fun and enjoyment. Some do not have their thoughts on relationships, parties, and even day-outs with friends. All they think of is finishing school requirements and rest.

In films (for example, like a famous martial arts and studentship movie of 2008 – Never Back Down), students have tons of time for sports, parties, friends, and even family. It seems like they can juggle everything perfectly without sacrificing school and studies. Some can even go through adventures and trips without worrying about being absent from school the next day. 

Never Back Down

Not Too Much Partying

In real life, students have little time to party, especially those late-night events. It is because they already have lots of things to do for school. They can deal with a good deal of homework, school projects, research papers, reports, and exams. These will take up much time for students, which is why partying does not take a spot in their priorities.

When you watch student-related films, like National Lampoon’s Van Wilder (2002), it is common to see scenes with parties and late night events. There will be drinks, music, pool events, concerts, and a lot more. Students in films enjoy life more and have all the time for outside school activities. It also appears that the students always have the budget for parties and the good kinds of stuff they do outside school. 

National Lampoon’s Van Wilder

Family Life

Student life in films shows a lot of conflicts with their parents and siblings. It seems like there is always a family problem to go through. This is where the drama unfolds in the story. But in real life, there are few problems that students go through with their families. Most parents would give full support to their kids in school. And this is the reality of being a student. 

When students in movies are getting better lives, it is because they do not focus the story on what students do every day. It only shows what they require in the film’s plot, like Waterboy (1998). However, there is still a huge difference in student life from reality. Therefore, many students would wish to have the lives of the artists they see in films. Films may bring in that imaginary life that students would want to have. Some call it loops but keep in mind that these characters are only in films and not in real life. The challenges that real-life students go through in school can prepare them to become better adults and have a wonderful future. 

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