A lot of people think that films are shot in Hollywood studios and polished using powerful computers. However, every good-quality movie implies many scenes shot in different places. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to arrive at a particular place and shoot some scenes on a small camera. The process is very complicated and involves a lot of different stages. For instance, the recently released F9 film implies action scenes shot outdoors in Great Britain, Georgia, Thailand, and the USA. If you wonder how they could create a movie in a large number of open locations, this post is for you.

Preparation Stage

Shooting on open locations is a very time-consuming process that needs to invest a lot of money. Therefore, preparation is crucial. A team has to read a script thoroughly and start researching to find the best places. Then, they explore all regions, despite the fact how far they are. It should fit a script perfectly to create a top-notch movie that will captivate people’s attention and create the required atmosphere. 

Moreover, they need to find locations that will be optimal for shooting multiple scenes. It will help save the budget. Also, it can save the time of team members. Those workers who combine work with education can hardly make a lot of trips to different locations. For instance, some of them read the Writers Per Hour reviews to discover the services to avoid. The feedback from other students helps them find the best homework help platform to combine work and study. Nevertheless, all students still need to attend lectures in colleges.

Location Management

After creating a list of the best places, there is the second stage of preparation for shooting. It’s impossible to just arrive at a cinematic place and start making a movie, especially if it’s a new city. A location manager has to ensure that a team will have permission to shoot different scenes in a particular area. They need to reach the owners of the picked places and get permitted to shoot. If it’s a public place, they ought to contact local authorities and ask for approval. Otherwise, the team may be fined by police and the gear confiscated.

After getting all the permissions, a location manager has to ensure that all the filming processes will be smooth and hassle-free. They need to prepare the infrastructure that implies a lot of crucial details. For instance, they should find a source of electricity to power all the equipment. It should have lounge zones for the crew, the required number of toilets, parking areas, and other studio necessities. The work of location managers is very stressful because they need to tackle many challenges and meet the deadlines not to violate the film production schedule. Therefore, only people with great organization and management skills can succeed in this job. Students who have the required set of skills never ask, “Is Nerdify Legit?” seeking help with homework while studying.

Grjótagjá in Iceland (photo by Erik R.)

If the location is remote from any urbanized area, a manager has to establish it from scratch. Then, they need to find and deliver all the equipment like light, power generators, tents, and toilets. A manager also should cope with delivering food, water, and other essentials. 

Transportation Management

Despite a large number of cinematic landscapes in California, studios always have to make footage in different countries to capture the particular place. When a script needs the lead character to travel, location managers have a lot of work. For instance, the Skyfall movie from the James Bond Franchise was filmed in Turkey, England, Scotland, Japan, and China. Nevertheless, this film isn’t the leader in the number of trips made by a crew to shoot a film.

Aston Martin DB5 from Skyfall

The gear required for shooting a movie can weigh several tons. A location manager needs to organize fast and secure transportation of the equipment to the selected countries. In addition, they ought to establish the best environment for work and leisure. Sometimes, being overburdened with many tasks, managers hire locals who help establish footage locations fast. It’s a good opportunity for students to earn extra money. Having a side hustle, students often read the ProEssayWriting reviews to avoid using scam services when they need their homework to be delegated. 

Shooting Process

After gathering the gear, necessary equipment, and crew on an open location, the shooting process begins. However, first, the director checks if everything matches the requirement. Also, they make sure that actors can feel the atmosphere of a place and highlight it in their play. For instance, the weather in a new place can be scorching. However, the actors may be required to show the life of an astronaut on an alien planet with desert landscapes. In such a case, they need to act like it’s extremely cold outside so that they would die without a spacesuit. Finally, when a director ensures that cameras are set to shoot and actors are ready to act, a performance begins.

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