I’ve spotted another interesting T-shirt in Modern Family. It was in 23rd episode of the Season 4 that premiered on May 15, 2013.

Luke Dunphy wore a blue T-shirt with some sort of a super-hero and the sign that says Super Bacon.

Super Bacon T-shirt from Modern Family (2013, ABC, screen capture)

After googling a bit I found out that the artist behind the Super Bacon design is Brock Davis, who has done many T-shirts designs before and had several of them in production at Threadless (under the name Laser Bread). Regular readers of Brands&Films will remember Threadless from the blog post Another Threadless T-shirt in Modern Family.

Brock Davis is an art director, creative director, artist, designer, illustrator, photographer and conceptual thinker. In 2009 he created a project called Make Something Cool Every Day: he decided to make one piece of creative work every day for 365 consecutive days in 2009, from January 1st to December 31st. Check some of the best artworks from the project at Bored Panda.

Davis also makes T-shirt designs for his line of Brock Davis kid’s tees at Target stores.

Super Bacon T-shirt at Swap.com (currently unavailable)

Apparently Super Bacon T-shirt was sold in Target, but is currently unavailable or they’ve taken it off the shelves. The same applies to Swap.com.

Well, it wouldn’t hurt if Super Bacon T-shirt would be available somewhere. ;)

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