The sixth episode of Girls season two was full of great outfits: e.g. Marnie’s gold dress, Hannah’s polka-dot dress, but for me the most memorable was Ray’s T-shirt with »Yogurt Towne« sign.

Yogurt Towne T-shirt in Girls (2013, HBO, screen capture)

Girls’ costume designer Jenn Rogien told that they found this T-shirt at Atlantis Attic in Brooklyn. According to Rogien the store has a huge wall full of T-shirts and they get the most of T-shirt from Atlantis Attic.

Rogien explained why this T-shirt was perfect for the sixth episode:

“That shirt was perfect for a couple of reasons — we wanted a color that was going to wash him out a little bit, because he’s having a rough time. He had a fight with Shoshanna in the previous episode, and he fessed up to being underemployed and overaged for his relationship, and he and Adam have a very frank conversation about it, too. But that T-shirt was just a magical find as a lot of Ray’s T-shirts are.”

Atlantis Attic is a vintage thrift store, with 5000 sq feet of goods. It’s located on 771 Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg. During my stay in New York a couple of years ago I wandered around that area, but I can’t remember seeing that store.

Someone should start selling Yogurt Towne T-shirt, because it’s great.