Fans of American sit-com Modern Family know that Phil Dunphy is a big iPad fan. He’s got it for his birthday two years ago and he also mentioned it in the thirds season when all characters had to tell which one thing they would take if the house were on fire. Well, Phil said:

“All our family photos… Which I keep on my iPad, so my iPad.”

In the eight episode of the fourth season (S04E08) we saw another iPad’s product placement. It was Phil again. This time he wired the house to his iPad and called it “the house of future”.

iPad in Modern Family S04E08 (2012, ABC, screen capture)

Phil’s wife Claire suggested that he shouldn’t spend two whole days that he had to himself for trying to wire the house to the iPad.

Phil’s response was expected:

“Nope, ’cause I’ve already done it. I think when you get home, you’re gonna be very surprised to see that this house has an actual functioning brain in it.”

And after he checked some functionalities, e.g. switching the lights, TV, fireplace … he said:

“Phil Dunphy, this is the year 2025. Welcome. You’re the first one here.”

iPad in Modern Family S04E08 (2012, ABC, screen capture)

Apple continues with its involvement in Modern Family which is a very smart thing to do. The show has good ratings, it received a bunch of Emmys and iPad has been an important part of Phil Dunphy’s lifestyle.

Very very smart and good product placement by Apple.

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