The world we live in today is digitally driven, fast-paced, and constant information overload. Multitasking is key to surviving in this competitive world that never seems to rest. Hence, you must be able to consume various forms of content simultaneously and do multiple things simultaneously to rise up the ladder. This is where Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode comes in handy. 

The PiP mode is a highly coveted feature in macOS, enabling users to watch their favorite videos while simultaneously working on other important tasks. Therefore, you can stay entertained or informed without sacrificing your productivity. Sure, this can be slightly distracting for some. But if you train your mind to multitask, nothing can stop you from achieving the highest level of efficiency and productivity. 

With the PiP mode enabled, the video you are watching can be detached from the original window and displayed as a resizable, floating overlay on the screen. You can position this miniature window anywhere on the desktop so you can continue with your tasks, such as editing documents, browsing websites, or responding to emails. 

Of course, keeping the distraction aspect in mind, it is recommended that you don’t try to juggle projects requiring your full attention and focus while watching videos. 

Enabling Picture-in-Picture on Mac in Safari

In Safari, PiP mode can be enabled on several popular video streaming websites, such as YouTube. Open the YouTube website > choose a video > right-click inside the embedded video frame > select Picture in Picture. But this might not always work. Then, how to Picture in Picture YouTube Mac? YouTube and other video players have their own PiP mode, and on YouTube, it is called miniplayer. Click the icon, and the PiP mode will be launched. 

Alternatively, you can use a Safari extension to enable PiP mode. Launch Safari on your Mac > click Safari in the Menu bar > select Safari Extensions. Go to the Mac App Store and type “Picture in Picture.” Then, choose the extension you want to use. 

Enabling Picture-in-Picture mode on Mac in Google Chrome 

You can also watch videos in PiP mode if you are using Google Chrome. This option can be enabled on popular websites like YouTube by right-clicking the embedded video and selecting the PiP mode option. 

The option might not be available for other websites, and no matter how much you right-click, you cannot watch the website in PiP mode. In that case, follow these steps:

  • Open Chrome and select the video you want to watch in PiP mode. 
  • Start playing the video by clicking on the play button and make sure you are not in full-screen mode. 
  • In the top-left corner, search for Media Controls and click to reveal the menu. 
  • You should see an Enter picture-in-picture button next to the playback controls. Click on this option. 

What are the Benefits of Picture-in-Picture?

  • Turbocharged multitasking: This mode allows users to become master jugglers as they can work on several tasks simultaneously without compromising on entertainment. So, you can watch your favorite video while responding to emails or working on other projects. 
  • Video consumption and browsing in tandem: With this mode, you can stay entertained or informed without the disruption of your workflow. The videos will remain visible as you browse the web or check emails. 
  • Flexible video resizing: The PiP window can be resized and positioned anywhere on the screen, according to your preference. 

How to Optimize Your Picture-in-Picture Experience?

  • Controlling the audio: You can adjust the volume or mute the PiP video without impacting the audio controls of other applications. Simply click the audio icon in the window and control it. 
  • Resizing and positioning of the window: You must resize the PiP window so that the window doesn’t hamper your productivity. Also, position the video by dragging the window. The window can be dragged to any location on the desktop. 
  • Close the PiP window: If you wish to exit this mode, double-click on the PiP window. This will make the video return to its original size. 

The Bottom Line 

Before Picture-in-Picture mode, Mac users would have to either watch videos or focus on their tasks. Thanks to this revolutionary mode, multitasking is a breeze. Also, users can juggle their tasks with a dose of music or laughter. 

The PiP mode has the ability to improve productivity while users stay entertained or informed. This feature has become an indispensable part of modern users who do not want to sacrifice catching up with the latest news while they are responding to emails or editing documents. 

If you haven’t tried the PiP mode on your Mac yet, it is high time that you embrace this feature. The feature not only works with YouTube, but you will also find luck with Netflix, VLC Player, etc. 

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