Apple is an information technology company that offers electronics, software, and online services. Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne established it in 1976. Initially known as the Apple Computer Company, it was created to develop and commercialise the Apple I computer and has grown exponentially since then to the multimillion-dollar company that it is today expanding its product line, developing its technology and expanding its clientele.

Promoting products on TV shows and movies is a great way to increase brand awareness and likelihood of general adoption. Apple has a very efficient and also strict strategy when it comes to their product placement. They ensure brand safety and guidelines are always of top priority.

Marry Me

In this 2022 film, a superstar breaks off her engagement to her partner at the altar due to his infidelity. After which, she marries a stranger from among her fans. It talks of true love for two people from starkly different worlds. Apple’s latest smartphones, which are perfect options to play best casino games in Ireland, are placed strategically all throughout the film and noticeably all in great lighting and perfect condition, promoting their latest products amongst some of the biggest celebrities around.

Apple in Marry Me (2022)
Iphone in Marry Me (2022)

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

A journalist hires a young computer hacker to help him solve a decades old missing person case, and Apple’s product placement comes in by associating itself with creativity, intellect, and innovation. Furthermore, Apple is subtly trying to create an association in the viewers’ mind between their product and the characters.

Apple in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011, Columbia Pictures, screen capture)

Legally Blonde, The Movie

Though Legally Blonde is an older film (2001), it is still a classic! You can spot Apple’s Mac Computer throughout the film. Especially in the lecture scene. Their logo stands out in the story. Apple is, again, associating itself with different types of thinkers. Moreover, it is drawing a parallel between their own technology and such thinkers.

Mac from Legally Blonde (2001)


It is about Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple. ‘Jobs‘ is packed with Apple product placements. The film follows the invention of new technology as well as the advancement of science in the IT field. As such, Apple logos throughout the story serve as Apple’s belief in innovative thinkers, and entrepreneurs. Additionally, Apple in Jobs honors the man who created it.

Jobs (2013)

Knives Out

This film brought to the forefront the strict guidelines Apple has for product placement. The villains are prohibited from on-screen appearances with Apple products. This lays out Apple associating itself with particular types of people. This does not include bad ones. Its product placement here shows you Apple’s efforts in only shedding a good light on themselves.

Knives Out


Apple is, therefore, very careful with product placement. It targets a specific type of group. This group includes innovators, creators, and intellectuals. However, it condemns criminal or immoral behaviours. Apple’s product placement strategies, thus, reflects the company’s own beliefs and ideologies in the TV shows and films they appear in.

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