Over the last decade, YouTube has taken off worldwide. The platform bridges the magic of social media and streaming platforms. On one hand, channels provide a long series of content to entertain and delight followers, just like any savvy social media account. On the other hand, most channels also create tons of videos with hours of watching power.

Add in the magic of the comments section and there’s a clear reason why YouTube channels are thriving in 2023: they entertain users while also providing them a community to be a part of. This year, there are over 51 million channels to choose from. While star PewDiePie has the largest follower count, finding a quality YouTube channel isn’t about sheer numbers.

Instead, it’s about covering a topic well and engaging followers. Let’s highlight a few of the best YouTube channels in terms of entertainment value in 2023.

PokerStars UK

Back in the 1990s, poker-based entertainment took off with the invention of the hole cam. This camera allows viewers to see which cards players have. Unsurprisingly, this type of content is naturally riveting thanks to the high-stakes and bluffing involved in Texas Hold’em. But PokerStars UK has a YouTube channel that really heightens the thrill with unique challenges, tournaments, and games.

For example, their recent Mystery Cash Challenge saw one PokerStars pro, Alexandra Botez, masterfully pull off a $10,000 bluff. Whether or not you’ve tuned in to poker content before, you’ll understand what’s happening—and certainly be impressed.

The King of Random

Let’s move away from the thrill of poker and into a more curious space. The great minds behind The King of Random have a passion for science, absurdity, and experimentation. That makes this channel a fantastic option for those who enjoyed Mythbusters and similarly zany and scientific content—the more unpredictable, the better.

For example, TKOR recently took on the topic of creating edible gummy Legos. While it might seem highly random, that’s the point of the channel. Along the way, viewers can learn how to make their gummies using Jello and gelatin using Legos as a mold. From there, they can take on similar projects using what they’ve learned in the video.

Vanity Fair

Pop culture might not seem like the best option for a YouTube channel. After all, just how many times can trending shoes or shocking celebrity stories really scratch an itch? In reality, the Vanity Fair YouTube channel is a lot more nuanced and complex than many would imagine. 

Similar to PokerStars channel, Vanity Fair has created its own unique series in order to highlight their focus on pop culture. For example, their ‘Notes on a Scene’ series includes interviews and shorts from well-known actors, directors, and producers in Hollywood. They share their opinions and expert experience on a variety of topics, which adds a bit of depth and intrigue to the standard pop culture fare.


You guessed it—this YouTube channel focuses on history and some of its more surprising side notes. We all know that history is written by the winners. However, AlternateHistoryHub goes above and beyond to uncover some of humanity’s most riveting stories, people, and cultures—especially those that challenge our current understanding of history.

But AlternateHistoryHub goes above and beyond touching on these niche topics. Instead, the YouTube channel delves deep into what could have happened. They have dozens of topics that postulate what mayhave happened in terms of history if certain events unfolded differently. One of their most-watched stories covers the question, ‘What if Ferdinand Magellan never circumnavigated the world?

NPR Music

So far, we’ve covered themes related to entertainment, science, pop culture, and history. Now, let’s round off this list with a musical selection—one you may already know. NPR Music hosts a mega-popular series known as the Tiny Desk Concert series. In it, musicians and groups of all stripes are welcomed to perform live at a historical vinyl shop in Washington DC. 

NPR doesn’t focus on any one genre. Instead, viewers are treated to some of the most talented musical acts from around the world and spanning decades. The series is also known for ‘remixing’ certain songs. For example, rapper Juvenile recently performed a remix of his most famous songs with a full band behind him – trumpets, bass, and keyboards included.

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