In October 2011 I published blog post on Zooey’s glasses from New Girl What brand of glasses is Zooey wearing in New Girl? Zooey is of course Zooey Deschanel and New Girl is an American sitcom that was aired on Fox. Season 2 will start on September 25.

Zooey plays the lead character Jess. One of her characteristics are big dark glasses that she often (but not always) wears.

After a few episodes I’ve got confirmation from Oliver Peoples that Jess was wearing their model Wacks, but Kari Alder, Communications Coordinator and Social Media Manager at Oliver Peoples, also said that Wacks in New Girl is not product placement. Wacks was just Zooey’s personal frame and the stylist for the show approved her character to wear it.

During the first season we have also noticed that her character wore several different models. She changed her Wacks for Oliver Peoples’ frames Denison. Oliver Peoples again confirmed that this piece of information is true and that wasn’t the first time either; she has switched frames in other episodes too.

Here’s the recap from New Girl season 1: Zooey’s/Jess’ glasses from every scene where she was wearing glasses.