In the era of superhero remakes it was expected that we would get a Superman movie too. Even though we had Superman Returns in 2006, Hollywood just had to make it. We could say that it was expected. To be honest, Superman is a quintessential super hero, the one who is known and has an appeal all over the world, not like Captain America for example, whose main target audience will be/was in the USA.

Man of Steel is a classic summer blockbuster with a hefty production budget of $225 million. It grossed $291 million in USA only and $662 million worldwide. According to the experts from, if you would love to relax and get rid of your writing for some time you also could recall the scenes from this movie and reseen the fantastic episodes.

Peter Bradshaw wrote in his review for The Guardian that Man of Steel is a great, big, meaty, chewy superhero adventure, which broadly does what it sets out to do, though at excessive length. I kind of agree with him, although I found it extremely boring.

In the beginning of June, just a few days before its release, Man of Steel was branded as the movie with the most promotional partners ever. Apparently the producers signed more than 100 contracts with global marketing partners worth more than $160 million. Among them: Nokia, Sears, Lidl, Gillette, Hershey’s, Walmart …

Product placement in Man of Steel

There are some examples of pure in-you-face placements that was hard to watch, especially Nikon’s photo camera or some Nokia shots.

Besides Nikon and Nokia Lumia you can also notice Budweiser, Warby Parker glasses, Sears, 7 Eleven, Ihop restaurants, CNN

There’s a more in-depth analysis of Nokia in Man of Steel in blog post Nokia Lumia 925 in Man of Steel.

In terms of marketing and product placement Man of Steel was everything we expected of it: just another cash cow.

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