In the eight episode (S03E08) of American sit-com Modern Family each adult member of all three families had to tell which one thing he or she would take if the house were on fire.

Here are the answers:

Jay: “If I could only save one possession in a fire, probably my first set of golf clubs. My old man gave ’em to me.”

Gloria: “The engagement ring that Jay gave me that changed my life.”

Mitchell: “Lily’s adoption papers.”

Cam: “I was gonna say adoption papers. So I guess, then, I would say my mom’s recipe book.”

Phil: “All our family photos… Which I keep on my iPad, so my iPad.”

That was classic Phil and one of the several cases of iPad product placement in Modern Family. It all started in the nineteenth episode of the first season in April 2010, which aired just three days before iPad’s launch. That episode had one of the best placements ever – I even put it on the 9th place in the list of 40 best product placement. The plot was perfect: the Dunphy family tried to buy their dad an iPad for his birthday, which coincided with the device’s launch day. You can read more detailed analysis of that placement in the blog post Will iPad’s product placement go into marketing handbooks?

Family gathers around iPad in Modern Family S01E19 (2010, ABC, screen capture)

The latest placement was low key, but nevertheless reminded us that Phil still got his gadget and he still loves it. If that placement was triggered by Apple, I should say great move. And if not … well … great outcome for Apple :)

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