Dexter inspired food

Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter-pattern analyst for the Miami Metro Police Department is probably the world’s most likable serial killer. On October 2, 2011 he began his sixth season of planned killings and living a double life. Even though he’s actually a proper killer, he’s more like “I’m-doing-a-good-work-for-society” serial killer.

Dexter is broadcast on the premium cable channel Showtime in the USA, which somehow limits the potential of the series. The average rating for Season 5 was around 2 million viewers per episode, which was fantastic result for Showtime. Overall, Season 5 was the highest-rated season of Dexter to date, averaging more than 5 million viewers per week on TV and on-demand. Also, Dexter is one of the most popular TV shows on several torrent sites, e.g. ThePirateBay :)

The most popular shows on bittorrent website The Pirate Bay on 11th November 2011

I’ve written about product placement in Dexter, but I’d like to present two Dexter inspired homemade masterpieces.

Dexter Morgan’s Miami Slice

This brilliant Ben & Jerry’s ice cream lookalike was made by Jon Defreest, Boston based freelance illustrator/ graphic designer who specializes in digital illustration and viral imagery.

Ben & Jerry's Miami Slice

Miami Slice is a part of his Pop Culture Ice Creams collection. Pop culture characters on ice creams are based on Ben & Jerry’s product designs. According to Jon the Ron Swanson ice cream received so much attention that Ben & Jerry’s was forced to release an official statement informing the public that this was NOT a legitimate flavor.

Biohazard Blood Slides

The second example is an actual candy. Andrea Newberry, the author of Forkable: Slow Food for Fast Living, a blog about home-cooked meals, prepared edible blood slides that resemble Dexter’s blood slides from all his victims which are neatly organized in a wooden filing box.

Biohazard Blood Slides

To prepare Biohazard blood slides you’ll need:

  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup light corn syrup
  • 2 Tbs water
  • red food dye
  • bamboo skewer or tooth pic.

I haven’t tried it yet, but you can read the recipe on Forkable blog and start doing your own blood slides. If you’re going to make your own blood slides (or ice cream), let us know.


Some additional reading on product placement in Dexter:

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