Kylie and BMW part 2

Last week British singer Taio Cruz released a new single Higher, actually three different version of the single. The US version featured American singer Travie McCoy, the Worldwide and UK version featured Kylie Minogue and the last version was released by him solo.

The music video with Kylie includes some product placement: two BMWs driving in the dark garage. It’s the second time that BMWs share screen time with Kylie. We could see several white BMWs in the video for her first single All the Lovers from the latest album Aphrodite. I’ve covered that product placement in the blog post Kylie and BMW.

In my opinion the video for the song Higher is lame. It feels like it was shot in an hour. It would’ve been better if it was an ad for BMW, with Kylie involved.

Product placement in Taio Cruz’s music video “Higher” (2010, Island Records, screen capture)

I kind of liked the video for All the Lovers and BMWs in it didn’t bother me. But no one will benefit from that kind of video, certainly not BMW, even though the video shows interior and exterior of the car. This one is a no go.

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  1. That’s definitely its a nice BMW. Kylie’s look very hot in that car). The next video clip she should do in BMW m5, those are really awesome. Even speedy Galardo can’t get it ))…