In my previous post Does the worst product placement exist? I mentioned that there was a thread on social news website Reddit: What Movies Have Had the Worst Product Placement? Redditor who started the thread gathered more than 330 comments in just a few days.

I have several ideas for my future posts, but the one that would probably take the majority of my time is to prepare a personal list of the best product placement ever. I’m aiming for a Top 50 list, but at the moment I’m struggling with gathering as many good placements as possible. So, I’ve tried my luck with Reddit.

On Tuesday, 23rd November, I started a thread

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ent?” href=”” target=”_blank”>What Movies Have Had the Best Product Placement? At the moment the topic has almost 300 comments. And the best part … some new examples popped out and fellow Redditors reminded me of some forgotten movies and movie scenes.

After a quick glance I've seen that several movies were mentioned twice or even several times:

  • Wayne's World
  • Fight Club
  • Cast Away
  • Matrix
  • Back to the Future
  • James Bond movies
  • I, Robot

I’m very happy with the response and the results. However, I’m sure that the thread on Reddit didn’t cover everything and there are many (forgotten) examples of great product placement that were not mentioned.

So if you, dear readers, think of any product placement in movies, books, music videos, TV shows …, that was good or even outstanding, please, share your thoughts.