Kylie and BMW

Kylie Minogue is back! On June 13th she released the new single All the Lovers and her eleventh album Aphrodite will follow it on July 5th.

Her last album X, released in 2007, was a moderate success, even though it was nominated for the 2009 Grammy Award for Best Electronic/Dance Album. We'll see how successful will be her latest work be.

Let’s check Kylie latest video for the single All the Lovers. It was filmed in downtown Los Angeles, California. Leah Greenblatt of Entertainment Weekly called it “a striptease-in-the-streets party of epic (and epically horny) proportions” and added, “the result is best described as either a make out flash mob, a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade gone wild, or some serious 'the touch, the feel of cotton' guerrilla marketing.”

The majority of current pop stars include some product placement in their videos and Kylie is no exception. Her video includes some scenes with BMW cars clearly visible. But this product placement is not as obvious as it was in the latest Lady Gaga’s video for Telephone (discussed here: The Virgin Telephone), in Rihanna’s Rude Boy (discussed here: Rude Girl) or Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight (discussed here: Carrera is on a product placement mission). On the other hand BMWs were just parked on the road and were not (heavily) included in the ‘story’.

There are more screen captures on my Flickr page.

In my opinion it is possible that Kylie’s new album will be a success, although her peak was probably in the beginning of the new millennium – her album Fever from 2001 has sold 8 million copies worldwide and included the hit single Can’t Get You Out of My Head.

Her latest video is very nice and polished, but on the other hand not really original. Human pyramids were seen in Nelly Furtado’s Forca and Playstation ads.

Let’s see whether she’ll include some more visible product placement in her upcoming videos.

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