If you enjoy movies on American football, there are luckily a ton to choose from. Some are old classics while others are newer. And many of these movies deserve a revisit as they have a certain ability to create excitement. However, a visit to the actual football fields from the movies could be even better. 

If you love movies on American football you are most likely into the sport as well. It can be a thrill to watch stories on sports unfold as the excitement of watching matches play out is a given part of any sports movie. And you can easily relate to the anticipation, nervosity and competitive atmosphere. However, visiting the specific locations where all of these feelings and all of the excitement played out is a fun and overwhelming experience.  

Other ways to experience the thrill 

Enjoying movies on American football and the NFL, you might also be interested in betting on matches and games. If you want to try to transfer your passion into placing bets on the NFL, you should check out the nfl expert picks to get updated on the current status of the field. Betting could be a fun thing for you to try as it combines an interest in sports with excitement and adrenaline rushes as you are investing in a certain outcome of a match. 

It can take you through some of the same emotions as when watching a movie. If you have not tried it already, you should consider combining your passion for movies with a go at betting. Check out the nfl picks to see if you are motivated for some betting. Here follows two great movies on American football to get you in the right vibe for placing bets.

The Westminster Schools – The Blind Side

One of the places to go to get this feeling is the Westminster Schools, the location from the hit movie The Blind Side. The movie is the story of a homeless boy, Michael Oher, who becomes an American football player and gets a first-round NFL draft pick. And in fact the movie is based on a true story, which makes it very effective. It is a very inspirational movie that would be good for every college student to watch as well as visit the grounds of this story. The story is quite moving and a very successful football movie as it had a great deal of hope and belief. With underlining the fact that family and support are very important matters in any success.

Football field from The Blind Side
Scene from the move The Blind Side

Manassas High School – Undefeated

Another great location from an important and inspirational football movie is the football fields of Manassas High School. Here the battle of the Manassas Tigers high school plays out. The movie Undefeated is a completely different experience as it is a documentary following the lives of the high school football team based in Memphis and their coach Bill Courtney. This is a story that shows how much energy and will both coach and students throw into this sport and how they fight to keep a good position and to always get better. Inspirational and motivating.

Scene from the movie Undefeated
Manassas High School (Memphis, TN)

For those passionate not only about (American) football but also about soccer, experiencing the thrill of the game extends beyond the screen, with opportunities to bet on primeira liga matches, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the sport.

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