Gaming product placement plays an important part in creating a top-performing layout and slot floor. Other than online sports betting websites like BetUS where you can find the Europa League Picks, there are no rigid guidelines for placing slot machines in land-based casinos, but some best practices apply. 

Hollywood veterans know that Casino is one of the most famous casino movies of all time. Did you know that its product placement is one of the most successful ever?

Robert De Niro Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

Robert De Niro reportedly negotiated for 20% of the revenue from the film’s video games, which were produced for home consoles by Sega, and were featured prominently in the movie. That product placement helped generate a lot of revenue for both De Niro and Sega. Sega was able to release a line of “Sega Casino” games based on the movie, after its theatrical run had ended.

How to Strategically Place Products in Casino

Product placement is crucial for any business, but it’s especially important when designing a gaming floor or layout. The goal isn’t just to have products all over your floor but to ensure that they’re strategically placed to bring in as much money as possible. 

Product Placement in Casino (1995)

Product placement is when a brand or product is placed in a movie to promote or make money off it. In the Casino scene in this particular film, slot machines are always played almost all the time. Every time you see any character playing a game, there is a specific slot machine that they are playing. This scene-setting makes sense because there needs to be some product placement to make money from the film. 

Different companies try to include their own slot game: there could be a product placement of Lucky Lady Charm Deluxe free play, a slot machine that moved from a brick and mortar old machine to an online gambling slot or some other game.

Scene from Casino (1995)

The Psychology of Product Placement

Not only did they have product placement within their film, but they also made other films with similar themes. For example, they ensure the characters play at specific casinos or brands so the owners can make more money off these products and casinos. 

How Products Are Hidden in Movies

Businesses do this by embedding the products into the plot of TV shows, movies, or even YouTube videos where the sole purpose is to promote a certain brand or product. Ever since the dawn of television, companies and individuals have been using their merchandise and services as advertisements for customers to buy. 

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