Any good movie worth its salt has a selection of good and fitting musical tracks to go along with it. A movie always has a main theme, an official soundtrack that ensures you remember the movie just by listening. And then there are several smaller tracks to go along with it for dramatic effect throughout the film.

In this article we will go through a few movies and TV shows that has had impactful soundtracks and have revitalised older but forgotten tracks. Let us dive into it!

Jurassic Park – The Genius of John Williams

John Williams as a composer has created more memorable tracks than can be done justice in such a small article. So, we will suffice with mentioning the very iconic theme song of Jurassic Park.

That soundtrack has almost become synonymous with many people’s childhoods and still sends shivers down our spines to this very day. Its tranquil and yet mysterious tone really sets the stage well for one of the most unique series of movies ever made.

Stranger Things – Bringing Back 80’s Classics

Stranger Things is one of the most popular and successful TV shows on Netflix these days. It has already spawned several seasons and new ones are in the works. The series is set in the 80’s so it carries with it a cool retro vibe. As such, many of the tracks featured in the series are also classics from the 80’s that are being given a new chance.

Sunglasses at Night, Strike Zone, Another One Bites the Dust, Running with the Devil are just a few among the many different classical tracks featured in the official soundtrack. If you are hungry for some 80’s music this series will take you on a tour, you can safely bet on that.

If you’re into Stranger Things You should also check this great episode from the podcast Song Exploder where Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon explain how they created the intro song.

Friends – I’ll Be There for You

Arguable, Friends is the most popular and successful TV shows ever launched and still running to this very day. Billions of people have watched it, it keeps getting re-runs on most channels and still finds itself to be relatable and relevant.

In the music department, the series also helped one song in particular grow to galactic heights in success and popularity. The soundtrack for the series is the song I’ll Be There For You. It is almost guaranteed that every person you meet will know the lyrics to the chorus, and when to do the clapping with their hands. The track is iconic, it is fun, energetic and over all just plainly catchy. What is there not to love?

Movies and Music Go Hand in Hand

A good song and movie just go well together, and they benefit from a union with each other. As we have established in this article, plenty of songs have been propelled into success or renaissance through their incorporation in movies and TV shows.

If there are tracks on this list you have not heard before, we encourage you to watch the movies for yourself and have a good time with them.

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