Movies about DJs have always been popular, which is not surprising considering the lives they lead. Who wouldn’t want to watch a movie with amazing music, intriguing nightlife, and the drama that comes with it? However, if you’re a DJ or a producer, these movies and documentaries may leave a greater impact on you than your peers. Here are the 5 best electronic music movies and documentaries you should check out if you are a DJ:

1. What We Started

Released in 2017, What We Started is a documentary that every DJ must watch. It tells a story of what it takes to be a DJ nowadays, and it doesn’t shy away from the difficult aspects of this craft. The documentary starts with the legendary Carl Cox. Through his work, the movie relays the history of DJ-ing and club culture. Towards the end, the documentary welcomes Martin Garrix, a newcomer in the industry. Through this film, you’ll be able to learn more about DJ equipment as well. Additionally, it’s available on Netflix.

2. Human Traffic

Human Traffic is a cult DJ movie made in 1999 by Justin Kerrigan. It explores the club culture of the ’90s, taking an honest look at the good and the bad parts of it. The movie follows five young adults from Cardiff as they enjoy a weekend out. They go clubbing, have fun, fight, reconcile, and everything in between. Additionally, the amazing soundtrack is there to elevate those incredible moments. The soundtrack has amazing tracks from world-renowned DJs such as Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, Armand Van Helden, and more. Furthermore, Carl Cox appears in a scene. Try to spot him next time you watch this incredible movie.

3. Scratch

If you want to learn more about what it takes to master the art of a DJ board, Scratch is a DJ documentary you must watch. The movie came out in 2001, and it explores the intricacies of being a hip-hop DJ. In brief, Scratch talks about the birth of hip-hop and how producers and DJs helped this music genre. Additionally, it talks about the invention of scratching, turntables, and beat juggling. This is a great documentary for DJs who are looking to learn more about how their craft came to be. Furthermore, you may be able to pick up a trick or two from incredible artists such as DJ Shadow and Z-Tip.

Dla moich polskich czytelników: W świecie DJ-ingu, kręcenie winylami to jak wykonanie 100 darmowych spinów na automacie do gier – za każdym razem, gdy naciskasz przycisk odtwarzania, masz szansę trafić na idealny utwór.

4. Berlin Calling

If you’re looking for the best DJ movies on Netflix, Berlin Calling is a must-watch. The film follows Martin Karow, a German producer and techno DJ, as he struggles with drug abuse. Germany has always had an amazing clubbing scene, which is portrayed incredibly well at the beginning of this movie. Essentially, Berlin Calling follows Martin as he tries to manage the stress of touring life with various drugs. Consequently, after taking ecstasy one night, the DJ ends up in a hospital, putting his career in danger. Berlin Calling is a great movie for those who want to learn more about DJ equipment. Various scenes showcase the main character doing what he truly does best — making music. However, this movie is a great watch even if you don’t know much about techno.

5. Avicii: True Stories

Avicii: True Stories is one of the best music documentaries you can watch. Filmed in 2017, this movie follows the renowned Swedish DJ Avicii. The main purpose of this documentary is to showcase what happens behind the scenes. Thus, the movie doesn’t shy away from showing the sometimes-ugly truth of performing and how taxing it can be, both physically and mentally. Additionally, the movie was released a few months before Avicii’s tragic death, a fact that makes watching it much more difficult. However, it also makes it equally important, as it raises awareness of mental health issues and what can happen if they go unchecked.

In Conclusion

The documentaries and movies listed above are a great watch for anyone who knows a thing or two about being a DJ. However, even if you’re not into EDM, you should still check out these films. Who knows, they may pique your interest enough to look into getting some DJ equipment and trying it out yourself.

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