Which movie scene is the most memorable for you? Forrest Gump talking about box of chocolates, Sharon Stone being interrogated, Carpe diem speech from Dead Poets Society, Omaha beach sequence from Saving Private Ryan, … There are so many of them.

Recently I found a very interesting iPad app called Toonia Storymaker. It’s an app designed primarily for children to encourage them to explore their imagination and express themselves through creating their own illustrated stories.

Creating stories with Toonia Storymaker app

Children (and other users) can choose their own world and characters, move them around, change their color, size, posture or emotion and write what they are saying. I have to admit that I agree with the makers of Toonia: “It’s like lego bricks for illustrated stories.”

I’ve been using Toonia for a couple of weeks and I found it great for recreating famous movie scenes. Well, I couldn’t recreate all of them – it was build for children after all. So no Die Hard scenes for me.

Re-creating famous movie scenes with Toonia Storymaker iPad app (Dead Poets Society)

With a little help from my friends we recreated some memorable scenes from the movies and created a few from the scratch.


If you want to make your own story or recreate your favorite movie scene, check Toonia Storymaker at iTunes store. It’s great fun.