New beer in New Girl

Do you know which beer is present in almost every episode of TV series New Girl It’s a strange beer in bottles with a red label. It’s called Heisler beer. Heisler beer is a fictional brand of beer / a prop that is used instead of some real brand of beer. It’s produced by the Studio Graphics division of ISS and The Earl Hayes Press.

Heisler beer in New Girl (2012, Fox, screen capture)

In the eight episode of New Girl’s season two the producers introduced another strange beer. It’s called Lite and it looks like an old Miller Lite beer from the seventies.

Lite beer in New Girl (2012, Fox, screen capture)

What is curious about New Girl is the fact that it’s a good show with fairly good ratings and with a very modest product placement. Zooey Deschanel’s glasses for example, made by Oliver Peoples, are not paid placement, but are from Zooey’s private collection.

However in the second season we saw a very prominent placement for Ford Fusion. In one of my previous posts Heisler beer in New Girl I mentioned that I find it strange that there is no beer involved in the series. One of the comments mentioned that paid placement of alcohol might be a problem if the producers want to resell the series into other markets. Would it be so bad if there was Bud Light instead of a generic beer?

A simulation of Bud Light product placement in New Girl

Well, there are beer brands in movies, which are distributed all over the world. I think that having a beer product placement in New Girl wouldn’t hurt anybody. Or maybe another possibility: Nick Miller drinking Miller Lite. A missed opportunity?

  1. Hello,
    I’m working on product placement in France and here, alcohol and medicines PP are strictly forbidden on TV – for example, The Simpsons’ Duff is censored as the beer exists in “real” life (even if not sold anymore).
    This may explain why New Girl’s producers didn’t want to take the risk…