In the fifth episode of American sitcom New Girl I spotted that several characters drinking beer. After watching the episode for the second time I’ve realized that it was Heisler beer.

Heisler beer is a fictional brand of beer that could be also seen in another American sitcom Happy Endings. In Happy Endings the characters were drinking that beer in almost every episode. Heisler beer is a prop that is used instead of some real brand of beer. It’s produced by the Studio Graphics division of ISS and The Earl Hayes Press.

Heisler beer in New Girl (2011, Fox, screen capture)

I have to repeat my opinion about fictional brand that I’ve written in the blog post Product placement in Happy Endings – Season 1 recap: instead of drinking Heisler beer the characters should drink a proper brand of beer or some other type of beverage. Using fictional brands in the product placement era is a bit unusual and represents a lost opportunity.

You can see more examples of Heisler beer from New Girl on Brands&Films Google+ page.

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