As we could expected and as I predicted in the blog post Sleek by 50 – serious competition for Beats by Dr. Dre? 50 Cent’s new headphones will be included as product placement in several music videos. We could spot the headphones in Hot Rod’s video Hot Girl and Jasmine V.’s video for the song Just a Friend.

The third headphones’ placement occurred in Lea’s video for her debut song “November Skies (11/11/11)”. Lea is the newest addition to 50 Cent’s G-Note Records, but she also made a cameo in Hot Rod’s aforementioned video. You can watch Lea’s video on 50 Cent’s official web page.

Street by 50 headphones in Lea’s music video November Skies (2011, G-Note Records, screen capture)

In the end of September 50 Cent released the pictures of his wireless model Sync by 50, but a couple of weeks ago we saw the first photos of the wired headphones, called Street by 50. They will be available in two colors: blue and black.

Street by 50 headphones (Source: HipHop ‘n’ More)

We’re still waiting for the official announcement of the headphones, prices and the selling date, but one thing is certain (and expected): 50 Cent’s headphones will be featured heavily in the music videos. You can find more pictures of Street by 50 from Lea’s video at my Flickr page.


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