Elementaryis an American TV series that premiered on CBS on September 27, 2012. It’s a modern version of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories and is set in New York. It stars Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson. In one sentence: Elementary is a CBS’s answer to BBC’s Sherlock, but without Benedict Cumberbatch’s charisma and Steven Moffat’s smart writing.

The pilot was nothing special, so let’s check if there was anything interesting in the product placement department.

Basically, the only interesting aspect was a mini battle of mobile phones: iPhone convincingly beat Nokia Lumia 800.


Both Holmes and Watson regularly used iPhones and carried them around at all times. Phones were visible in several scenes, but Holmes also used his iPhone at the crime scene. He was taking photos with the phone with the help of zoom lenses.

iPhone in Elementary (2012, CBS, screen capture)

iPhone in Elementary (2012, CBS, screen capture)

iPhone in Elementary (2012, CBS, screen capture)

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia was clearly visible in a few scenes, but the phone belonged to a murder victim not some protagonist. The only thing that was interesting for me was the fact that Holmes was swiping the screen with the gloves on. I’m not sure if that would work on an iPhone.

Nokia Lumia 800 in Elementary (2012, CBS, screen capture)

Basically Elementary is more similar to CSI than to Sherlock and I might watch the second episode, just for the sake of product placement. But more likely is that I’ll just watch something else instead. Second season of Homeland started very brightly.

Nevertheless Elementary did provide one good thing: it reminded me of Some Might Say, a great song by Oasis.

“Cos I’ve been standing at the station

In need of education in the rain

You made no preparation for my reputation once again

The sink is full of fishes

She’s got dirty dishes on the brain

It was overflowing gently but it’s all elementary my friend”

Check it out, it’s better that the TV show.




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