3D Future for Perfumes

There were two interesting ads that were aired in the beginning of September. Both were for perfumes and both were directed by famous artists. Let's check both of them.

Guy Ritchie, British movie director and Madonna's former husband, directed an ad/short movie ‘Un rendez vous’ for Dior Homme. The main star of the ad is Jude Law. As we could expect he looks stylish and the ad has some elements of a mystery movie. For me, the best thing of the ad is the music score: The Exogenesis part 1 by the brilliant Muse.

At nightime.

On the prestigious Avenue Mantaigne, in Suite no.361 of the Plaza Athenee Hotel, a man is getting dressed. Suddenly, the telephone rings. A mysterious conversation unfolds…

The second interesting ad was for Gucci’s fragrance Guilty. Gucci used a ‘creative’ way for promotion of the ad. In August they released a 30-second trailer for the Gucci Guilty ad. The proper 60-second ad for their new fragrance was aired during the MTV Video Music awards a month later. Sounds complicated? Well, it is. But mostly, it’s disappointing. There is practically no difference between the trailer and the ad.

For the Guilty ad Gucci teamed with Frank Miller, famous comic artist, turned director. The ad is visually similar to the movie Sin City, an adaptation of Miller’s graphic novels. Both ads feature actors Chris Evans and Evan Rachel Wood.

Besides the concept of “trailer + ad” I found very interesting that Gucci decided for a 3D version of the ad. Now that’s something better. I’m sure that this trend of 3D ads will be quickly adopted by the majority of fashion companies. For example: the September issue of Vogue Italia was the first fashion magazine in 3D.

I believe that fashion industry will grab the 3D technology with both hands and I’m sure that brands won’t stop at 5-minute ‘classic’ movies/ads or 60-second 3D ads. I believe that we’ll soon see something spectacular.

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