Rude Girl

Couple of weeks ago I wrote about new Lady Gaga’s video Telephone and several examples of product placement. This time it’s Rihanna‘s turn.

In the recent NME interview the popular R’n’B singer stated that she hates having product placement in her music videos:

»I hate doing product placement in my videos. I hate it. I think videos should just tell the story of the song. And then with product placement it all just becomes this big ad campaign. I just don’t like that. Sometimes we have to do it, for whatever political reason, but it’s never my first choice. I just really enjoy underground, independently made videos. I don’t like things to be so commercial.«

Well, nice (and honest?) words.

But Rihanna’s latest video Rude Boy contains two notable placements – Casio watches and Carrera sunglasses.

Casio watches and Carrera sunglasses

Rihanna wears Carrera sunglass model Endurance, from their vintage collection. Carrera stated that “the distinctive and fashionable eyewear enhances Rihanna’s fearless and flirty performance.”

You can also see a very creative bracelet on Rihanna’s hand, which is consisted of Casio‘s G-Shock watches.

»We are excited to have Rihanna representing Baby-G and G-Shock Mini through her music video,« explained Shigenori Itoh, VP of Casio. »As a trendsetter in the fashion and entertainment world, Rihanna is the perfect example of style, originality and edge which Baby-G and G-Shock Mini proudly symbolize.« reports that with shock resistance and water resistance for up to 100 meters, the Baby-G line is ready to meet the demands of Rihanna’s high-energy performances. Also equipped with world time in 48 cities and 5 daily alarms, Rihanna can make sure she’s on time and in style no matter where her travels take her.

Come on, Rihanna & co. – don’t give me stupid explanations and stop whining about product placement!