The resort city of Las Vegas is one of the most iconic in the world. The attractions, the glamour, the atmosphere and, of course, the casinos have helped transform it into a popular, standout destination. It’s not just a hit with tourists and the American public, but also with moviemakers, who see the city as an ideal location for their blockbusting productions. Below is a look at why moviemakers love Vegas so much and wish to shoot movies there, at Vegas’s casino and some famous Vegas locations that have appeared in movies. 

A hit with moviemakers

Hollywood loves Las Vegas. The history of Vegas, the casinos and the bright lights make it a superb place to set a movie or shoot scenes for one. There’s also the sense of being removed from everyday life that transform it into a cool place for a movie scene. Couple all this with the drama, suspense and glamour Vegas offers and you have a destination movie directors can’t resist. 

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

It’s not just about the quality of Vegas for the movies, however. Vegas has an excellent infrastructure for moviemaking. The resort boasts lots of production companies, experienced crew and resources to support anyone shooting a film there. Additionally, Nevada state is hospitable to filmmakers by offering tax incentives for people wishing to make movies there. Shooting a movie in Vegas can also be cheaper than in other locations.  

Especially a hit with casino moviemakers

Any moviemaker wishing to make a casino movie or a film that features scenes shot in a casino is likely to make a beeline for Vegas. The gaming, city nightlife and shows all lend themselves perfectly to casino movies. 

The intensity of the gaming scenes makes Vegas the perfect setting for a casino movie as well. If there’s an underdog or a villain, or a high-stakes game, then so much the better for the plot and for the audience! It all adds suspense and creates a scope for a plot twist. 

Las Vegas (photo by Erik R.)

Casino culture in Vegas

Ever since gambling became legal, casino culture has shaped Vegas. The city has a reputation for being a playground of the rich and famous, as well as being the world’s entertainment capital. 

Casino movies such as “Casino” have helped reinforced casino culture as being one of high rollers. However, in Vegas and other casino resorts around the world, there has been a change and now the establishments are open to the masses. A lot of casinos no longer enforce a formal dress code, so you can play slots and table games regardless of what you’re wearing. 

Much of the increase in accessibility is down to the arrival of online casinos, which have made casino gaming more accessible. The online sphere has even done casinos a good turn by enabling players to learn about gaming, take advantage of bonuses offered by most casinos and hone their skills so they can later visit traditional casinos and play confidently. Online gaming has also allowed traditional casinos to add another dimension to their business and accommodate players who enjoy gaming but prefer the comfort and privacy of playing in their own home. 

Famous movie locations in Vegas

Of course, movies that feature some of the action taking place in Las Vegas introduce the audience to some quintessentially Vegas locations. Here are some locations and the movies they featured in

Freemont Street

Robert De Niro fans will remember the man himself in “Casino” driving down Freemont Street, which is now a covered, pedestrianized area. At the time of the movie, however, it wasn’t, so you’ll get to a taste of how Vegas looked in older times as he cruises down the old Strip.

Caesars Palace

This casino is possibly the most famous in the world. The entrance, lobby, check-in desk and the Garden of the Gods pool have all featured in movies in “The Hangover” trilogy. Although the hotel’s “Emperors Suite” was recreated in a Hollywood studio for the movie, in the classic film “Rain Man,” starring Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise, the true-life suite features after the pair win big on the blackjack and stay there.

The Venetian

The Venetian is another famous hotel and casino and appears in the madcap comedy “Rat Race,” which stars John Cleese and Rowan Atkinson. In the movie, an eccentric casino owner devises a race from Vegas to New Mexico, offering a prize of $2 million for the winner. You’ll also see one of the suites in the hotel in a scene in the Sandra Bullock movie “Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous.”

Las Vegas is a splendid location for moviemakers looking to offer action, drama and suspense in their movies. The stories of Vegas and the city’s remoteness from everyday life create an amazing backdrop for directors to tell stories through film. 

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