Living with roommates can be an adventure, full of laughter, challenges, and sometimes unexpected friendships. Over the years, Hollywood has captured this dynamic in a variety of films, each offering a fun and unique take on the ups and downs of sharing living spaces. 

Here are the ten best movies about roommates. But be warned – they might just inspire you to find a roommate yourself!

1. School of Rock (2003)

In School of Rock, Jack Black stars as Dewey Finn, a down-and-out rocker who becomes an unlikely roommate and substitute teacher. When Dewey’s band kicks him out, he’s left scrambling for money and ends up impersonating his roommate Ned Schneebly (Mike White) to take a teaching job at a prestigious prep school. 

The film captures Dewey’s chaotic life and his journey to inspire his students through the power of rock music. This movie about roommates is both heartwarming and hilarious.

2. What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

This mockumentary-style comedy offers a fresh and hilarious take on the vampire genre. What We Do in the Shadows follows the lives of four vampire roommates in Wellington, New Zealand, navigating the mundane aspects of modern life. Directed by Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement, who also star in the film, these vampires struggle with chores, rent, and social dynamics, making it a laugh-out-loud exploration of eternal life and cohabitation. The film’s deadpan humor and clever writing make it a standout in the genre.

3. Sunset Boulevard (1950)

Billy Wilder’s Sunset Boulevard is a classic film that explores the darker side of roommate relationships. The movie stars William Holden as Joe Gillis, a struggling screenwriter who becomes the reluctant roommate and companion to Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson), a faded silent film star. As Joe becomes more entangled in Norma’s delusional world, the film delves into themes of ambition, desperation, and the fleeting nature of fame. This tension and psychological depth make it a compelling and tragic story.

4. Withnail & I (1987)

Withnail & I is a British cult classic that offers a comedic look at the lives of two struggling actors in 1969 London. Withnail (Richard E. Grant) and Marwood (Paul McGann) share a decrepit flat and an even worse outlook on life. Their misadventures are portrayed with wit and dark humor. 

The film’s brilliant dialogue and memorable performances make it a timeless exploration of friendship and the bohemian lifestyle.

5. The Roommate (2011)

This psychological thriller brings a more sinister twist to the roommate genre. The Roommate follows Sara Matthews (Minka Kelly), a college freshman who becomes the target of her obsessive roommate, Rebecca (Leighton Meester). As Rebecca’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic and dangerous, Sara must navigate the treacherous dynamics of their relationship. The film’s suspenseful atmosphere and intense performances highlight the dangers of living with someone who is not as they seem.

6. Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead is a brilliant blend of horror and comedy, following the misadventures of Shaun (Simon Pegg) and his slacker roommate Ed (Nick Frost) during a zombie apocalypse. The film’s genius lies in its ability to balance genuine scares with laugh-out-loud moments. As Shaun and Ed bumble through the undead crisis, their friendship and loyalty are tested. Directed by Edgar Wright, the movie is a cult classic that perfectly captures the essence of friendship.

7. Fight Club (1999)

David Fincher’s Fight Club delves into the psychological complexities of modern life and identity through the relationship between the Narrator (Edward Norton) and Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). As roommates, their dynamic spirals into a chaotic force that challenges societal norms. The film’s exploration of consumerism, mental illness, and masculinity is unsettling. The twist ending redefines the concept of roommate relationships, making it an iconic film.

8. Just Like Heaven (2005)

This romantic comedy with a supernatural twist stars Reese Witherspoon as Elizabeth, a doctor who falls into a coma and finds her apartment occupied by David (Mark Ruffalo), an architect. 

In Just Like Heaven, Elizabeth’s spirit lingers in the apartment, and she and David must work together to unravel the mystery of her condition. The film’s heartfelt premise explores themes of love, loss, and the unexpected connections that can form between roommates – even supernatural ones!

9. Ted (2012)

Ted gives a unique spin to the roommate genre with its story of John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg) and his living teddy bear, Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlane). Granted life by a childhood wish, Ted grows up to be a foul-mouthed, hard-partying bear who complicates John’s adult life. The dynamic between John and Ted makes for a hilarious and surprisingly touching exploration of friendship and growing up.

10. Beetlejuice (1988)

Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice is a dark comedy that combines the supernatural with the struggles of unwanted roommates. The story follows a recently deceased couple, Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara (Geena Davis), who find their home invaded by the Deetz family. Desperate to reclaim their house, they enlist the help of Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton), a chaotic and mischievous ghost. The film’s quirky visuals, imaginative storytelling, and Keaton’s unforgettable performance make it a classic.

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These ten movies each offer a different perspective on the experience of living with roommates, from the comedic and light-hearted to the dark and dramatic. Whether you’re looking for laughs, scares, or thoughtful reflections, these films provide a cinematic exploration of the complexities and joys of sharing your living space with someone else.

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