Modern Family is a TV show that was covered in several blog posts on Brands&Films, but none of them had involved locations from the series. During my recent trip to Los Angeles I’ve found addresses of houses that appear in the series and decided to take a closer look.

Here’s the map of the aforementioned houses from Modern Family:

  • Phil & Claire Dunphy’s house, located at 10336 Dunleer Dr. (green placemark)
  • Cam & Mitch’s house, located at 2211 Fox Hills Drive (blue placemark)
  • Gloria & Jay Pritchett’s house, located at 121 S. Cliffwood Ave. in Brentwood (red placemark)

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In the era of car navigation finding all three houses wasn’t difficult at all. Actually Dunphy’s house and Cam & Mitch’s duplex were fairly close, while Pritchett’s residence is some 15 minutes away.

Phil & Claire Dunphy’s house

The first one that I found was the Dunphy residence, located on Dunleer Drive. Phil is the only one working in the Dunphy family and as a realtor he’s doing very well. The Dunphy house is worth almost $1.8 million, according to

The Dunphy house from Modern Family (2013, ABC, screen capture)

There were some people on the streets, so I only made one photo of the house. Also, I didn’t want to give the appearance of a stalker. :)

The Dunphy house in Los Angeles on 10336 Dunleer Dr. in Los Angeles (Photo by Erik R.)

Cam & Mitch’s house

Cameron’s and Mitchell’s house is very near to the Dunphys (well, for L.A., of course). Their house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Its worth: $1.3 million (source:

Cam & Mitch’s house from Modern Family (2013, ABC, screen capture)
Cam & Mitch’s house in Los Angeles on 2211 Fox Hills Drive in Los Angeles (Photo by Erik R.)

Gloria & Jay Pritchett’s house

According to Gloria and Jay’s house in Brentwood is currently worth more than $8 million. This 6,359 square foot (590 square meters) single family home has 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and a pool.

Jay & Gloria’s house from Modern Family (2013, ABC, screen capture)
Jay & Gloria’s house in Los Angeles on 121 S. Cliffwood Ave. in Brentwood, Los Angeles (Photo by Erik R.)

Not bad, a?

  1. I love Jay and Gloria Pritchett and I am a big fan of Gloria and Jay and Manny and plus their baby son Joe too..

  2. I like the show Modern Family that I would to have Gloria as my wife…… plus I like to have the blueprints for the house of Gloria & Jay and Cam & Mitch’s house in Modern Family. so I can replicate them.



  3. i always wanted tucker’s house for myself and nathan lane too and the house is ours it’s perfect i want that house

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