One of the most interesting and funny commercials from the last Super Bowl was Audi’s ad for the new Audi S7 called Vampire Party.

New Audi shows up at a vampire party in the middle of the woods, but the driver, who’s also a vampire, forgot that the new Audi has some vampire-killing LED headlights.

At the moment it seems that Audi used vampires as a one-off campaign. Audi’s Chief Marketing Officer Scott Keogh explained their decision:

“Given the power of the Super Bowl platform, we wanted to create an entertaining spot that clearly focused on our LED headlights – one of our key product attributes – while also sparking conversation about whether or not it’s time for us to move on from the omnipresent vampire trend into something new and even more exciting.”

Audi is not the first car maker to use vampires in their communications. Swedish car manufacturer Volvo put its cars in all four movies of the Twilight saga and we could expect to see a Volvo in the upcoming Twilight movie Breaking Dawn – Part 2.

Volvos from Twilight movies (2008-2011, Summit Entertainment, screen capture)

I’ll cover Volvo’s use of product placement in a separate blog post, and I have to admit that their use of Twilight movies was a bold choice. On the other hand Audi’s commercial can be understood as a (one time) spoof, which also makes fun of glowing vampires from Twilight.

It’s an amusing ad from Audi, but nothing more. If you’re a vampire, you should stick with Volvo. It’s the safest choice :)

You can find more pictures of product placement from the Twilight movies at Brands & Films’ Facebook page.

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