Special announcement for readers and visitors of this blog: since last Saturday Brands&Films has its own Facebook page and Twitter profile.

Brands&Films page on Facebook

On the Facebook page you will find links to new blog posts, so if you want to be notified when there's a new post, join Brands&Films on buy cheap generic priligy

e=”Brands&Films on Facebook” href=”http://www.facebook.com/brandsandfilms” target=”_blank”>Facebook.

Additionally you will find short films, links to interesting websites, news and short comments, screen captures of product placement from various movies and music videos, trailers and much more.

You can also follow Brands&Films on Twitter and join the debate about product placement.



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  1. I’m a big fan of social networking, but to be honest in my opinion facebook has kind of run its course, i know the numbers are still growing but to me it’s getting a bit tedious, it was great to begin with but now it causes more trouble than anything else.