During the second episode of the sixth season of The Big Bang Theory Howard mentioned to his wife Bernadette that he got some issues with the two colleagues on the International Space Station. They even went on a space walk and glued a big-eyed rubber alien mask to the outside of his window while he was sleeping. And when he woke up, he apparently screamed for nine minutes.

He told Bernadette:

When I woke up, I screamed for like nine minutes. You can see it if you want. It’s on YouTube. Google “astronaut screams for nine minutes.”

Well … I googled that sentence. Guess what … there is no video of Howard screaming for nine minutes :( Only some fan videos of people screaming and a photo of Howard in space.

Howard in space in The Big Bang Theory S06E02 (2012, CBS, screen capture)

Would it be really hard for writers and producers of The Big Bang Theory to record Howard screaming for nine minutes and uploaded the video on YouTube? I think it could be awesome.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the first time that some character from The Big Bang Theory mentioned a video on YouTube. In the 18th episode of the Season 3 Sheldon, Leonard and Penny watched a video “Physicist Melts Down”on YouTube. It was a clip that was recorded at the Chancellor Award ceremony and showed some of Sheldon’s antics from the ceremony. As you might expected there is no such video on YouTube.

You can read a bit more about that missing video from The Big Bang Theory in the blog post As seen on Evil Wil Wheaton.

The Big Bang Theory is not the only TV show that hasn’t used every possible media to enhance user’s (viewer’s) experience. In the blog post Why is the band Questionable Goods from the TV show Girls without a website? I pointed out the missing website, but there was even a bigger error by the Girls’ production team. They’ve shown Hannah tweeting from the @HannahHorvath Twitter account. It was set up on 16th April 2011, but as of today it hasn’t posted any tweet, it has no friends, but on the other hand it has 739 followers.

I believe that these are missed opportunities for TV networks.

Do you agree?

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