I saw them a few months before the movie premiere. There were at my local supermarket, waiting for me to take it. I have a box of them all the time in my car. They are great if you need some brief refreshment (I’m not sure about your breath, though), they’re small and tasty. Yes, these are Tic Tacs, but yellow Tic Tacs, that was something new.

Tic Tac and Minions
Tic Tac and Minions

On the front of the package is the unmistakable Minion that first appeared in Despicable Me, but this summer those weird yellow creatures got their own movie called Minions.

Minions poster

On a first glance I thought that yellow Tic Tacs with Minons on the package and even on the mints was good ideas, however the more I thought the more I believed it’s actually great.

Here are 5 reasons why the tie-in between Tic Tac and Minions the movie is perfect:

  1. SHAPE: This is probably the main reason that this tie-in looks this good. Actually, it looks like Minions were drawn after someone saw Tic Tacs.
  2. TARGET GROUP: Tic Tac and the movie target kids.
  3. ATTITUDE: Tic Tac is a playful brand and Minions are wild and crazy, but harmless.
  4. COLOR: Minions are yellow and Tic Tac didn’t have any trouble coloring their white mints into yellow.
  5. SIZE: Well, both Tic Tacs and Minions are small, but I’m referring to the size of the enterprises: Ferrero, the Tic Tac maker, is a huge company and Minions is currently at number 4 on the list of top movies in 2015. It grossed $332 million in the US and $1.1 billion worldwide. Big company arranges a big business with a big movie.

Now the question is which one to eat first: Stuart, Bob or Kevin? ;)

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