Savoir bed in Gone Girl

“Great view when you’re in the mood, blockout curtains when you’re not. The bed is Savoir, you’ll never get a better sleep.”

With those words Desi Collings presented the bedroom in his house to Amy Dunne and described the bed in Gone Girl, one of the biggest movies of the year. Amy responded: “Ah, this is just what I need.”

Those words also appeared in Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl screenplay that went online a couple of weeks ago. There might be some spoilers ahead, so be careful.

Excerpt from Gone Girl screenplay
Excerpt from Gone Girl screenplay

I’ve checked the book as well and when it comes to the bedroom scene with Desi and Amy Gillian Flynn doesn’t mention any brand of bed:

[Amy’s words] “The tour loops back around through all the rooms so I can ooh and ahh about details I missed the first time, and then we return to my bedroom, a satin-and-silk, pink-and-plush, marshmallow-and-cotton-candy girl’s room.”

So, how did Savoir bed appear in Gone Girl? Apparently it was a coincidence, a decision made by Gillian Flynn. But how come Flynn chose Savoir bed? Well, Desi Collings was well off, so he could buy the best furniture and equipment for his house and that includes a luxury bed as well.

Alistair Hughes, managing director of Savoir Beds (photo by Savoir Beds)
Alistair Hughes, managing director of Savoir Beds (photo by Savoir Beds)

Alistair Hughes, managing director of Savoir Beds gave his views on the Gone Girl Effect exclusively for Brands&Films:

“From Savoir’s perspective the mention of the bed in the film resulted in additional interest in the brand. When the film was at its peak, our websites, both in the UK and the US were experiencing 20% more traffic than usual. Also, I personally took around 40 or so unprompted calls/emails/texts from friends and business contacts mentioning the bed’s inclusion. Typically the question is “what did you pay?”

The overall Gone Girl Effect has been positive. The bed is situated in a luxurious, state-of-the-art house, so the context is right and the implication is that the bed is not only comfortable but top end too. Beds being beds, you don’t actually see the mattress or topper on account of unnamed bed linen, however, this somehow makes the mention even more potent.

On the downside the line is uttered by a not entirely likeable character who comes to a grizzly, bloody end on the bed a few scenes later. Not the kind of rest in peace he perhaps had in mind. Had I been asked “can we name your bed just prior to a murderous sex scene on it”, I would have demurred.

Was it necessary to mention a bed brand at all? Yes. Mentioning the bed was clearly an indication of Desi’s desire to rekindle things with Amy, and the brand mention says something about him as a character … a controlling, discerning show off.

Could they have chosen another brand? Of course not … no other bed compares to a Savoir!

Savoir bed in Gone Girl (2014, 20th Century Fox, screen capture)
Savoir bed in Gone Girl (2014, 20th Century Fox, screen capture)

Savoir stated on their website that the bed featured in Gone Girl is a Savoir No2 which was initially commissioned for The Savoy Hotel over a century ago and is still handcrafted with the original methods and natural materials in London, taking around 80 hours for Savoir’s skilled craftsmen to perfect. The bed is topped off with the luxurious HCa Topper which is made up of hand-teased, curled horse tail, lambs wool and a luxurious outer layer of pure cashmere.

Sounds really good.

Savoir bed no. 2
Savoir bed no. 2

Great product placement for Savoir Beds. 

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  1. I have heard about these beds which are meant to be unbelievable. I have just convinced my wife that we need one. It has been ordered and we can’t wait.

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