It was on the 19th February 2010, 365 days ago, when I published the first post on Brands & Films titled The King of Drinks. Since then I've managed to write (and publish) additional 87 blog posts, while some of them remained just an outline or a very rough idea.

My initial idea was to write about product placement in the movies, but then came posts about brands in music videos, TV series and books. I was also more and more interested in set-jetting, which is a phrase that describes people visiting places just to see locations used in films and TV productions.

On that occasion I'd like to thank all the readers. You provide additional motivation for me to continue. I also have to thank all my supporters and especially Tomaž for blog’s design and technical support and Tadej f

or hosting.

These are the blog posts you liked the most in the last 12 months:

Thanks again and stay tuned!

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