Couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog post about brands that were used by serial killers. I chose Dexter Morgan from the TV show Dexter as an example of »good« serial killer that can't really harm the brand that he uses. In 4th season Dexter used several well known brands: MacBook, Ford, Nokia N96…

In the second episode of the show’s 5th season we could see that Dexter uses a very special phone – it’s a brand new Nokia N8. This is Nokia’s latest smartphone that was introduced in April 2010, pre-sale started in September and they’ve only begun shipping those phones a couple of days ago.

Nokia N8 in Dexter (2010, Showtime, screen capture)

As you can see on the picture above it’s hard to recognise the model of the phone, although the new mode has a very visible camera lens compartment. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of Nokia N8 exposure in upcoming episodes.

This product placement reminds me of iPad’s placement in Modern Family in April. iPad’s placement coincided with the release of Apple’s gadget and it added to the publicity and buzz that was created at that time. Allegedly Apple didn’t pay for the placement, even though iPad had a central role in that episode – it was Phil’s birthday present.

I was very excited when I heard (and saw) about Nokia N8 in Dexter, because I believe that an appearance in a popular or/and critically acclaimed TV show could help with your sales, can somewhat enhance brand equity and usually generate additional buzz. I also believe that it’s not enough to show just a glimpse of your new hot product. If Nokia wants to beat the rivals (iPhone, BlackBerrys and other smartphones), it has to do more.

Can’t wait for next episodes.


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  1. I know dexter uses a Nikon Camera I’m pretty sure but does anyone know what model and accessories he uses?