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When you are watching a film and see a familiar location or setting in the scenes, it will strike your attention. Students often experience this, especially if the film took place in their college or university. There are lots of films that were shot in schools. Not all have youth-related stories. Some locations in the school are simply perfect for the plot or scenes, which is why the university or college was chosen. There are tons of colleges and universities that were chosen as film locations and settings.

University of South California

Who has not yet seen Reese Witherspoon’s popular film Legally Blonde? This film has become so popular that a sequel came in immediately after its first instalment. While in the story, the characters were said to be studying law at Harvard University; they took most of the scenes at the University of South California. This university has been a favourite location for many movies, including Forrest Gump in 1994, Old School in 2003, and The Number 23 in 2007.

Legally Blonde

Occidental College

Occidental College in Los Angeles, California is another favourite spot for filming movies. This is where the iconic film of Alicia Silverstone was filmed. Everyone knows Clueless and its main character Cher. The student life story of this film made it perfect for the college. Aside from this beautiful romantic comedy film, other movies were filmed in this college. Among these are Star Trek III in 1984, Jurassic Park III in 2001, and the TV series Beverly Hills 90210 in 1990.


Harvard University

It is impossible not to choose Harvard University for film locations and settings. This university has always been well-known for its high-quality education, great educators, and top-of-the-class students. But films also find this university a favourite for shooting scenes. The award-winning film of Robin Williams Good Will Hunting was mostly shot in Harvard. Other films that used this elite university for their scenes are The Social Network in 2010, and The Great Debaters in 2007.

The Social Network

University of Toronto

This is a favourite for film locations. There are tons of films that were shot in this university including the popular superhero film The Incredible Hulk in 2008. This university is popular in Hollywood because of its resemblance to Ivy League universities. To name a few films that used the University of Toronto as their setting are Mean Girls in 2004, Total Recall in 2012, Shadowland in 2008, The Bride of Chucky in 1998, and a lot more.

The Incredible Hulk

Columbia University

This popular university in New York, became even more famous when the iconic superhero film Spider-Man was taken in some of its locations. Because of its site, it has become favorite to film movies in. This is also where the films Malcolm X in 1992 and Casino Royale in 2006 were filmed.


University of British Columbia

Vancouver is a popular place for Hollywood filmmakers. They often chose this as a setting or location for many scenes in films. This makes the University of British Columbia also a common choice for film settings and locations. Tons of popular films were shot in this university including Fantastic Four in 2005, X-Men Origins: Wolverine in 2009, and The Butterfly Effect in 2001.


California State University

When the film is about college students and their trip to maturity and adulthood, American Pie is probably the most popular. Most of the scenes of this movie were filmed at California State University. This is also where the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in 1986 was filmed. There were also TV series and shows that were filmed in this university.

American Pie

Some other universities and colleges are often used in films and even TV series. Filming in universities and colleges has that vigorous and youthful effect pulling up amazing cinematography. Choosing these locations can be effective in films that take on the youthful student life theme. So, universities and colleges have become favourites for many Hollywood films. And up to this day, filmmakers still have their eyes set on these different schools as locations or settings for their films. Through the beautiful cinematography these universities and colleges have, great films were made.

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