I’ve already written about Audi’s unintentional product placement in Fifty Shades of Grey, but as the premiere of the film is moving closer and closer, there are more and more deals that will try to capitalize on the enormous popularity of the Fifty Shades trilogy.

Right now we have (at least) two examples of Fifty Shades of Grey inspired underwear.

Author of the trilogy E.L. James has teamed up with a Swedish manufacturer KappAhl to produce a lingerie range based on her books. The Mirror reported that they have designed bras, briefs, stockings, negligees, a lacy black mask and a grey tie.

According to The Mirror the collection is based on what they [KappAhl] imagined female readers of the books would ‘feel sensual in’. Mirror also reports that the range was not that popular with the critics.

Mark Wilson of Fast Co Design says that “KappAhl looks to be a superb fit for the brand. Its demographic is primarily middle-aged women (the same demographic that supposedly drove book sales).” However, Wilson thinks of this line as a missed opportunity: “the Fifty Shades lingerie marks a real missed design opportunity. Rather than typical lacy underwear, imagine if Fifty Shades lingerie could go from discrete to evocative at a moment’s notice.”

KappAhl Fifty Shades of Grey event (Source: KappAhl’s Instagram)

Jezebel commented that “if only 10 percent of the 70 million people who ponied up the coin to buy this book decide they need negligees inspired by whatsherface and whatshisname’s sex romps, then … this line will do just great.”

A year ago some reports of Victoria’s Secret Fifty Shades line surfaced, but were quickly denied by the brand.

Nevertheless, you can find Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie at the Target Australia (which is not the same thing as the American Target, although they have the same logo). Apparently E.L. James teamed up with Target as well.

I Love Mr Grey Singlet

They have designed the line that includes G-strings, bikini briefs, balconette bras, suspenders, bustiers, and a sheer chemise all in shades of powder blue, oyster, black and scarlet, including “Affaire” underwear in pale blue, based on the first gift Christian buys for Anastasia. 50 Shades of Grey lingerie hit the shelves in September.

I suggest you read an opinion about that line from Jezebel.

I Love Mr Grey Bikini Brief

Release date for the 50 Shades of Grey movie is 13th February 2015.

What do you think? Will one big lingerie brand make an official 50 Shades of Grey lingerie line or will they let it go, focus on something else and let some minor player take the chance?

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