I’d like to inform you, that you can now find additional content about brands, films, TV shows and product placement on two different platforms.

I couldn’t resist the hype and created Brands&Films’ profile on Pinterest. It consists of examples of product placement, some interesting brands, products I like and much more. In comparison to

the blog it includes some more personal stuff.

Recently I’ve also started with another small project. If Brands&Films is Batman, then this project is its Robin. You can find it on Tumblr.

The project is called Brandspotting and it’s meant to be an addition to Brands&Films. Every day you’ll find a photo of product placement or an interesting brand, perhaps a video and on Sundays a (famous) quote about branding, advertising, marketing in general …

I hope you’ll find the additional content at least a bit interesting. I’d also like to hear your comments or suggestions about those two new projects and if you have some ideas about possible blog post I’d be grateful to discuss them with you.

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