A few months ago I wrote about an absolutely lovely short movie I'm Here that was sponsored by Absolut Vodka. In the post Absolutely brilliant I mentioned that Spike Jonze, the director of the movie, had total control over the script and outlook of the movie. He didn't even have to put a bottle of vodka in it. I’m Here was an example of cooperation between a brand and a renown movie director that resulted in a cute little movie and generated quite a lot of buzz and positive publicity for the brand.

On 7th September Absolut Vodka premiered their latest movie: Lemon Drop. It was put on their Facebook profile and you have to become their fan to be able to watch it. Clever move.

The movie was created by advertising agency TBWA\Chiat\Day (which was responsible for I’m Here too) and directed by Traktor. It is a hilarious, über-retro movie that features 70’s fashion, weird music and crazy fight scene. It is sort of “Kill Bill meets Black Dynamite meets Charlie’s Angels”.

Absolut vodka from the short movie Lemon Drop (2010, Absolut, screen capture)

Oh yes, the plot: Ali Larter (famous for her role in Heroes) plays a sweet girl, who found out that her kittens had been taken from her. She then becomes an action hero Lemon Drop and goes on a mission.

Absolut vodka bottle silhuette from the short movie Lemon Drop (2010, Absolut, screen capture)

The movie is absolutely funny and entertaining. Ali Larter looks lovely and some obvious tie-in to Absolut lemon flavoured vodka are not annoying at all.

I have to admit: I love it and I’d like to taste that lemon drop ;)