Last week I read a news report that Madonna integrated product placements in the lyrics of her new song “I Don’t Give A.” Brand dropping is not unusual in the music industry, however it’s really is less common that such a superstar would include brands in her lyrics.

In the song “I Don’t Giva A” guest artist Nicki Minaj raps:

“We material girls, ain’t nobody hotter, fox collar

See I really can’t relate to your Volvo, and you can’t get these shoes at Aldo.”

The article stated that no formal statements

have been made regarding the product placement.

The interesting fact about those lines in the song is that Madonna will launch her shoe line Truth Or Dare for Autumn 2012 collection. It will be produced by Aldo Shoes.

Shoes from Madonna’s Truth or Dare collection for Aldo Shoes

However, mentioning Aldo on the latest album wasn’t the first case of brand dropping by Madonna. I’ve checked the lyrics on all 12 studio albums and found several examples:

Where Life Begins (album: Erotica)

Colonel Sanders says it best

“Finger lickin’ good”

Did You Do It (album: Erotica)

She was so good just like uh, Campbell’s soup

American Life (album: American Life)

I drive my Mini Cooper

Girl Gone Wild (album: MDNA)

The room is spinning  It must be the Tanqueray

I Don’t Giva A (album: MDNA)

In the Bugatti, ten years one tire

Ayyo Madonna, maybe I say you original Don Dada

In that, yeah Gabbana, and the, yeahda

We Material Girls, ain’t nobody hotter

Well, that were brands that I managed to find in Madonna’s lyrics. She’s really wasn’t a heavy user of brands in her songs, although the decision to include Aldo in “I Don’t Giva A” is kind of clever, considering her deal with Aldo Shoes. We’ll see how it will turn out.

Below you can see most frequently used words in Madonna’s lyrics and if you want to create your own tag cloud you can do it at Wordle.

Tag cloud of the most frequently used words on Madonna’s studio albums

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  1. but I don’t really see the point. Those lyrics are talking about Volvo and Aldo in a negative way. Why would these companies want to be mentioned in a negative light?

  2. You have a valid point. It would be nice to know what Aldo thought about brand dropping, considering their deal with Madonna.